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Tom Burroughes from Family Wealth Report on the focus of The Family Office Doctor’s work with clients at focusing on where money meets emotion and the important focus on emotions, communication and mediation.


Samy Dwek was published in Family Business Magazine on the importance of family governance, the main criteria to focus on and how, if implemented correctly, it can keep a family intact and reduce internal friction.


Samy Dwek was published in Crain Currency on what couples should be doing, whilst they are able, to ensure that when one spouse passes away, dealing with the loss won’t be surmountable.


Samy Dwek was quoted in this Bloomberg article where he discussed the benefits the Hoffmann family is getting, thanks to good family and corporate governance. Keep peace in the family is key.


Samy Dwek was quoted in Devon Pendleton most recent Bloomberg article where she analyses Marcelo Claure’s announcement to adapt his current family office to accept external clients.


Devon Pendleton quoted Samy Dwek in her recent Bloomberg article where she looking into Len Blavatnik’s track record as a serial entrepreneur, being the King Midas with everything he touches.


Bianca Flower from MarketWatch interviews Samy Dwek on ways to protect our portfolio

Bianca Flowers from MarketWatch, speaks with Samy Dwek about manners in which we can protect our portfolios against a rise in inflation. This is especially pertinent after the recent spate of government data and spending.

Samy Dwek article on “Precipice or opportunity” is published in Global Banking & Finance Review

Global Banking and Finance review published Samy Dwek’s follow up article to “Family office vs Founder’s Office“, dealing with the issue of generational change and whether family’s, their family office’s or their advisors are ready .

Samy Dwek quoted on the sale of the Mills family company, Medline, to Carlyle and Blackstone

Samy Dwek was quoted on Bloomberg, around the recent sale of Medline, by Andy and Charlie Mills, to Carlyle and Blackstone. Families selling their businesses are facing hurdles that require good planning and family discussions.

Samy Dwek offers a new perspective on Single Family Offices and whether we should reclassify them

Do we truly have Single Family Offices or do we, in fact, have Founder’s Offices, focused on the matriarch and patriarch? What are the risks and can we change their destiny, enabling them to represent the entire family?

Samy Dwek discusses with Kira Vermond the issues around the wealth discussion with your kids

Samy Dwek and Kira Vermond discuss the issues parents face and fear, when informing their children of their wealth and what they stand to inherit.

Is it something they should fear ? When and how do you start this conversation ?

Canadian Family Offices

Samy Dwek on the risks of using too much leverage, following the Archegos Capital debacle

Following the downfall of Archegos Capital and the fallout for a number of banks, family offices are in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Samy Dwek opines on some of the issues when leverage is brought into the equation.

Samy Dwek quoted on the Medline transaction and the Mills family being compared to the Pritzker’s

Not all families are prepared for life after selling the family business. Suddenly being in the public eye and having sizeable wealth to oversee brings many challenges. With it comes the requirement for appropriate planning.

Samy Dwek focuses on The Necessities of auditing a Family Office

Family offices are not set up with many of the issues families face in mind. The family dynamic is mostly forgotten or ignored. Instead, the effort is focused on the money side i.e. management of the businesses and wealth.

Samy Dwek appointed to Boca Raton Regional Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees

Samy Dwek, Founder and CEO of White Knight Consulting and The Family Office Doctor, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Boca Raton Regional Hospital Foundation Inc.

Samy Dwek discusses communicating with your children about family wealth

Bruce Sellery of Moolala discussed with Samy Dwek some of the issues families face when discussing the families wealth with the next generation. What are the consequences of avoiding that critical conversation?

Samy Dwek is featured in the 2021 July edition of the Hoinser Magazine

H.E Denisa Govina features Samy Dwek and the Family Office Doctor, in their 2021 July edition of their online magazine, together with personalities such as Dr. Hamed Bin Mohamed Khalifa Al Suwaidi